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The Kitchen Healer with Jules Blaine Davis

The Kitchen Healer with Jules Blaine Davis

In this episode, Alexandra speaks with Jules Blaine Davis, author of The Kitchen Healer: The Journey To Becoming You.

Jules Blaine Davis is a kitchen healer, a TED speaker and one of Goop’s leading experts on women’s healing. She is on a fierce journey to spread permission, freedom, beauty and LOVE like wildfire all over our phenomenal lives, in and out of the kitchen.

In this conversation, you’ll discover:

  • Jules’ current inquiry around feeling and experiencing joy, and how it is deep lineage work to receive and hold sustained joy.

  • Questions to reflect on to see where we may be out of alignment with our values, and inquiries around how we can begin to re-write our stories around aligning with our values.

  • Jules’ rituals for her own kitchen, and how we can imbue intention and love and ritual into even the most mundane of tasks and moments in our every day.

  • Advice for moms around gathering a team around you - whether that’s your kids, other parents, friends, community, a hired team - and how helpful and essential that can be.

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RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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