Hi Darling,

I am Alexandra. I am a writer, artist, creator and mentor to women. I left the world of film and TV at age 31 when things seemed to be just started to kick off for me…I was directing brand content docs for United Airlines, I was seated in a room shopping a new script with an Oscar winning director you would know, I acted in a TV show with Clive Owen, I had a script I wrote in a major film lab, read on a stage in Lincoln Center. My life felt glitzy and glammy but I was broke and drinking too much and the pressure of Hollywood was getting to me. I did some major soul searching and realized that it was time for me to change gears. I needed to go deeper into my own healing journey, and recommit to the mystical path that I had been on for a long time, but that had taken a backseat. So I packed up those passions from Hollywood and started writing and creating to share about healing and spirituality and lo and behold a few months later I had a book deal and was featured in the New York Times and things just started happening.

My book F*ck Like a Goddess came out in 2020 with Sounds True and is still being passed around by many lovely women.

Since then I have been running a coaching and mentoring biz, writing often, leading retreats, and moonlighting in a few TV shows as the me I am now. After years of yearning for sacred partnership and dating endlessly with little hope left, I met a man who could hold all of me and who asked me into a great version of myself and so I moved from LA to Boulder, CO to live with him on a mountainside and slow the fuck down and enjoy sunsets and hikes and tea ceremonies and give less fucks about who knows who, and how many followers, and instead consider who I am under all that.

A few years back I started to see the shadows of the wellness / internet spirituality biz and come back to my own roots when it comes to writing, being a woman, spirituality. That’s why I created this Substack. Instagram was feeling like everyone was sellin’ and yellin’ - not to mention the censorship there.

My goal here is realness. Simple honesty. To have conversations that I need to have. To fill your cup and for you to feel less alone because I am saying the hard things.

This is a living diary and a book of my inner life. As a subscriber you get access. As a paid subscriber you are helping me with my lifelong dream of getting paid simply to write. And you also get access to the deeper, more personal pieces that I won’t share publicly.

Thank you for being here, for supporting my art, for walking this life together.

xo Alexandra

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Alexandra Roxo

Bestselling Author of F*CK LIKE A GODDESS: Heal Yourself, Reclaim Your Voice, Stand in Your Power (Sounds True, 2020). Next book DARE TO FEEL in the works. Transformational Writer, Coach, and Teacher.