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Co-Devotion in Partnership, Love, and Spirituality with Rachel Pringle and Johann Urb

Co-Devotion in Partnership, Love, and Spirituality with Rachel Pringle and Johann Urb

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with teachers and married couple Rachel Pringle and Johann Urb, discussing love, partnership, business, and what’s possible within life, love, and co-devotion.

Rachel Pringle is an actor, author of Wild Open, creator of the Wild Woman Experience, a Sensuality and Dynamic Tantra Teacher and Mystic. She has over 15 years of experience in human development, healing modalities and somatic embodiment practices. She specializes in Sensual Embodiment, Conscious Communication, Self Intimacy, Mysticism in the Tantric Realm and Love in Partnership. Her teachings cover presence, integrating our subconscious, energy dynamics, pleasure frequency, self love, healing through the subtle body and awakening to our innate power and self genius.

Johann Urb is a master Breathwork and meditation teacher. He is a sought after spiritual teacher and a coach. He has held a daily spiritual practice for over 30 years and is the creator of The Pyramid Breath Method. A unique method of using sound, movement and optimum oxygenation techniques to dramatically shift our state towards positivity; freeing us from past trauma, allowing us to eliminate old beliefs systems, patterns and habits and connecting us with our sacred sexuality in a safe, responsible way. Johann has the unique gift of bringing his deep spiritual perspective to his coaching practices; in relationships, finding life purpose, creating healthy habits, conscious communication and experiencing fulfillment. 

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Rachel and Johann’s journey into sacred and secure partnership and co-devotion together, and the journey of traversing adversity and challenges to get there.

  • Their experience navigating being in a relationship before being fully expressed with each other, and how that led to becoming expressed with each other in love and partnership.

  • How Rachel was able to create art out of a painful moment within their relationship, and how it coincided with a time where she was building her business.

  • Rachel’s journey into becoming a teacher and how desiring to know herself sexually and erotically, and desire to empower herself and other women, became her mission.

  • Johann’s journey and initiation to becoming a spiritual teacher, and how discovering spiritual teachings he felt were true was a turning point to feeling less depressed, less alone, less confused, and into making the experience of life full of meaning, magic, and feeling that being here is a true place to be.

  • Discussion around the difference between belittling or minimizing a partner vs. being silly and using sacred theatre to play and come closer in together.

  • Rachel and Johann’s “secret sauce” to playing and growing together in partnership and love.

  • And more.

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RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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