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Consciously Choosing Love with Haize Hawke

Consciously Choosing Love with Haize Hawke

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Haize Hawke!

Haize is a Heartled Spiritual Facilitator, Mentor, and Master Doula, who believes and lives for ceremony and ritual.  As a mother of three children, Haize is also a Student Midwife, and facilitates Rituals for all life transitions, milestones, celebrations and rites of passage.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Haize’s method of mothering her three children and how she mothers each differently.

  • How Haize discovered the powerful service of a doula during her own experience of child birth.

  • How to stay rooted in love and connection to others, even in times of intensity and uncertainty such as these, and how that love can lift others up.

  • The difference between thinking things through vs. feeling things through.

  • The formula of love and how you can embrace it, use it, and honor it in your own life.

  • How consciously choosing love and living in love is a meditation within itself.

  • Haize’s guidance and questions to drop in to your own prayer space on following your passion and what to do next in your life if you may feel confused on how to give your gifts to the world.

  • How the tools of our modern, digital age give us the tools to become proficient in anything we’re interested in, and how to use that information to fuel your own path in the world.

  • How birth is one of the most powerful places of connectedness and deep love.

  • What to do in moments of fear and how to bring yourself back to a place of love.



RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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