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Experiencing Transcendental Pleasure with Jessica Stoya

Experiencing Transcendental Pleasure with Jessica Stoya

In this episode, Alexandra speaks with the legendary Stoya! Jessica Stoya is a retired adult performer and current journalist. Stoya has written about sexuality and pornography for the Guardian, The New York Times, VICE, Playboy, and is half of Slate's How To Do It sex advice column. 

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Stoya got started in sex work, how she dealt with the fears at the time regarding her future self and working in the industry, and how that has currently settled in her life today.

  • Stoya’s experience of feeling true pleasure and excitement during working in pornography, how it was also a job on some days, and how her menstrual cycle greatly impacted her working conditions and experience in the industry.

  • Ideas and discussion on how harmful other people’s projected shame can be on our own internalized beliefs, and how much work it can take to distance ourselves from that.

  • Examples of how Stoya has set boundaries for herself on the internet, and how a lot of sex workers today don’t have the privilege to do so.

  • How Stoya became a writer, and helped to fill in gaps she saw regarding representation for women and different body types.

  • And much more juiciness!

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Grab a copy of Stoya's book Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn here.

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RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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