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Finding your Aliveness through Deep Presence with Millana Snow

Finding your Aliveness through Deep Presence with Millana Snow

In this week’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Millana Snow!

Millana Snow is one of the leading voices in global wellness. She is an energy healer, teacher and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for bringing healing to a diverse community of clients, followers, brands, celebrities, and even members of the royal family. Based in Los Angeles, Millana is a former model (YSL, CoverGirl) and woman of color with Afro-Latina/Panamanian, American, and British roots. Speaking to an audience as diverse as her background, her work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, PopSugar, and Women’s Health. Millana is the winner of Project Runway and “Best Travel + Adventure Show” Webby Award. In 2017, Millana created Wellness Official with the vision that everyone deserves wellness and healing. With a mission to democratize wellness, Wellness Official strives to make the space more inclusive and accessible, highlighting diverse practitioners and celebrating the lineages from which our modern-day wellness practices came.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The similarities of both Millana and Alexandra’s experiences of understanding and healing with their father wounds and how that led to understanding what personal shifts needed to happen in order to open and surrender into deep romantic relationship.

  • How integrating the embodiment of being both a strong and powerful human AND being soft and humble was the key to finding a deep relationship and healing and surrendering to love.

  • The difference in a relationship being rooted in fear and codependency vs. securely attached, and how that requires a deepening of trust and a letting go of control, and how we often see representations of codependency in films and tv as love, and rarely see secure-attached relationships as the mainstream example.

  • Ideas on how modern-day capitalism and the concept of a productive society have influenced our spiritual lives to be more compartmentalized and ‘to-do’ focused vs. the simplicity and consciousness of aliveness.

  • How turning your consciousness more towards life means turning more towards all of it, including suffering, and not just turning towards joy, ease, and love... and how embracing the embodiment of all is surrendering fully to the experience of life.

  • The courage and vulnerability it takes for a healer, teacher, and/or facilitator to lead and teach as it is a journey deep into your own depths and requires an intense self-reveal.

  • And more!


RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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