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Thank you for writing this and sharing this beautiful experience! I felt totally immersed into your story and drawn to memories of youthful freedom. Love!

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Beautifully written! I’ve never been to Italy but you made me feel like I was with you on that mountain top! What a magical and special time! I love that you described the experience as a “re-birth”. I was taken back to a rebirth night in my 20s living in Santa Cruz, CA and trying to meet friends camping in Big Sur, I had never been. I called out of work to do it which I had never done! Driving through the majestic mountains at night, no phone, stopping at every site, meeting all types of people on the way, singing and dancing at campfires and ending the night sleeping by the river! I had forgotten about that time, thank you for sharing and for making me remember ♥️ xoxo

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Wowowow. I'm so moved by this piece, Alexandra <3 This is a total deep dive into the heart of what I was musing about this morning. It feels so synchronistic and like a true affirmation to be in the now. Away from the screen (as I ironically read this and type this on a screen ha ha ha).

I also studied abroad in Italy (Rome) in my early 20s and then returned after college and it was such a profound experience. I love being invited to teleport back through your words! Thank you <3

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Wow, Alexandra, this piece is magnificent. Totally enrapturing with a beautiful message, too.

I also spent a semester in Florence when I was 20. Makes me want to reminisce about the magic that happened there for me.

Thank you for writing and sharing this piece!

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