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Opening to Love and Reverence for Life through Psychedelics with Madison Margolin

Opening to Love and Reverence for Life through Psychedelics with Madison Margolin

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Madison Margolin, one of the founders of Double Blind Magazine, a super sexy and inclusive magazine on psychedelics!

Madison Margolin is the co-founder and editorial director of DoubleBlind, a media company and education platform at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelic movement. As a working journalist based between New York and Los Angeles, Margolin has covered psychedelics, cannabis, drug policy, Jewish culture, and spirituality for a variety of publications including Playboy Magazine, Rolling Stone, Nylon, VICE, LA Weekly, Tablet, and was featured in High Times among other outlets. A graduate of Columbia Journalism School and UC Berkeley, Margolin has traveled everywhere from pot farms in the Emerald Triangle to the shores of the Ganges River, and all over Israel-Palestine, exploring the role of plant medicine in religion, mental health, and conflict resolution. She got her start in journalism with a column on cannabis at the Village Voice, after having lived in south Tel Aviv working with Eritrean refugees. With more than 6 years of experience covering cannabis and psychedelics, Madison has spoken on topics like social equity, cannabis feminism, drug journalism, and so forth at conferences like SXSW, Horizons: Perspectives in Psychedelics, Digital Hollywood, the Association of Alternative New Media, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, Pepperdine's Cannabis Law Symposium, and more. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What psychedelics are and what they do in your mind and your being, and why it’s so important to understand and make room for the integration part of the process of working with psychedelics.

  • Ideas on accessing states of being that are experienced during a psychedelic trip even when sober, or in our everyday.

  • Ideas on what the regulation and capitalization of psychedelics may do to the experience, and some ideas on how to maintain the sacredness of the ritual even as the industry grows in the mainstream.

  • Exploration of some of the stereotypes surrounding psychedelics and how Double Blind is steering the conversation and intention behind psychedelics in a direction to accurately show who is engaging with psychedelia.

  • And more!

Connect with DoubleBlind Magazine and see their online course on How to Grow Mushrooms at

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Connect with Madison and Double Blind on IG: @madisonmargolin / @doubleblindmag / @jewishpsychedelicsummit

And on Twitter: @margolinmadison / @doubleblindmag


RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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