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Reclaiming Women's Spirituality with Vicki Noble

Reclaiming Women's Spirituality with Vicki Noble

In this episode, Alexandra speaks with Vicki Noble!

Vicki Noble is a feminist healer and wisdom teacher, co-creator of Motherpeace and author of eight books, including Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess; Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World (a handbook for women healers); and The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power (a survey of the long lineage of Amazons and Yoginis practicing female shamanism since time immemorial). After a series of psychic and spontaneous healing events in the late 1970s, Noble co-created, with Karen Vogel, the round feminist Motherpeace tarot cards revising both divination and world history to include women and people of color. In 2017, the fashion company Christian Dior licensed the Motherpeace images for a special clothing line, sending their matriarchal values out to all the urban centers of the world.

In the late 1980s, Vicki Noble founded and directed the Motherpeace Institute in California, and published an award-winning quarterly journal, SnakePower: A Journal of Ancient and Contemporary Female Shamanism. For decades she has traveled and taught internationally, and leading pilgrimage groups to sacred Goddess sites around the world; her books are translated and published in numerous languages. Her intensive teaching in Italy for more than a decade has led to a dedicated group of Italian feminist women practicing and passing on her teachings.

She is retired from teaching as a graduate professor in the Women’s Spirituality Masters Programs at CIIS, New College in San Francisco, and finally at Sofia University in Palo Alto (formerly called ITP). She has been a professional astrologer and healer, and for two decades has adapted Tibetan Buddhist Dakini practices for her Goddess students. Currently she holds private intensives and Motherpeace Certifications in Santa Cruz, where she lives near her family and close to the Pacific Ocean, gardening, walking, and watching whales.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Reflections on the overarching respect of celebrity and youth culture in the U.S. and subsequent lack of valuing our elders in our culture, and how that differs from indigenous cultures throughout history and today.  Plus, ideas on how that greatly impacts women, and especially older women, going through menopause and beyond.

  • The origins of Vicki’s work and co-creations of the Motherpeace tarot deck and her book Shakti Woman, how the tarot community reacted to the deck at the time of its creation, and how the work holds up and is still relevant today.

  • Reflections on our move into patriarchy as a society, and how that took us away from living as sacred, living collectively, living sustainably, and experiencing life from a female-centered, peaceful way of living.

  • Ideas around separating the patriarchy from masculinity, and the complexities and process of this journey as women living within the patriarchy interested in healing with the masculine in our own lives.

  • Reclaiming women’s spirituality in our culture, and how it is also a call for structured practices and commitment.

  • And so much more… 

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RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
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