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The Essence of our Soul with Eve Bradford

The Essence of our Soul with Eve Bradford

On today’s podcast, Alexandra speaks with Eve Bradford, an incredible poet, witch, and deep spiritual practitioner.

Eve Bradford is an educator, artist and oracular practitioner working at the intersections of art, activism, medicine and magic to create work that is an uncompromising call into authentic aliveness and embodied belonging.

Eve has been producing events, curating content, facilitating community ceremony, creating ritual theater & film and generally contributing to the evolution of underground culture for the last 20 years. With Isis Indriya, she is the co-founder of Living Village Culture and The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle, as well as a collaborator and teacher with the Academy of Oracle Arts. She has toured by sailboat creating traveling feasts of story, song and food through the Gulf Islands with the Sea to Seed Tour, invoked the humanizing and healing power of story and food with the Feasting the Enemy dinner series, and been a part-time whore with the Poetry Brothel. She was a founding member of Reclaim the Streets NYC, dedicated to undermining the privatization of public space and community gardens through unpermitted celebrations in the streets and subways. She graduated from the Gallatin Division of NYU with an independently designed BA in Art Making and Cultural Process, and from California College of the Arts with an MFA in Creative Writing.

After a series of profound life-changing events in 2017, Eve began training intensively and is now a senior teacher and staff member within the Mogadao practice tradition of mythosomatic qigong, depth sexuality, and Post-Daoist philosophy. She is also a core player in SACRA Immanence Theater, a troupe dedicated to theater as the apotheosis of sacred embodiment, radical creativity and queer ontology.

Eve currently stewards a small acequia-fed homestead and heritage orchard on the lands of the Tiwa and Pueblo People in what is now often referred to as Northern New Mexico. She offers drop-in classes, retreat immersions and private sessions that call upon the full capacity of our integrated personal ecology in service of full-spectrum health, liberated embodiment, radical expression and deeply rooted ecstasy.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Eve’s definition of depth, and how depth or surface is neither good or bad, but that they simply hold opposite ends of the spectrum of our reality.

  • Ideas and discussion on the soul and how the soul is not separate from our erotic essence, but rather at the core of it.

  • How the villainazation of sexual energy is crucial to capitalism and the patriarchy thriving, and how reclaiming our power is key to not continuing to unconsciously feed the systems we currently exist in.

  • The distinction between desire and craving - and how desire is the voice of the soul and craving is wanting something that is not necessarily good for us and could be coming from a trauma response or other sources, rather than the soul.

  • The difference between circumstantial and constitutional emotion, and how practice can help us change our constitutional emotional patterns.

  • And more!

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RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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