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Trauma as an Innovator for Art and Creation with Aarona Leá

Trauma as an Innovator for Art and Creation with Aarona Leá

In today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with one of her dear friends, Aarona Leá.

Former yoga teacher and wellness guide of 16 years turned full time e-commerce business owner + CEO, writer, facilitator, speaker, and forever seeker - Aarona Leá helps to demystify intuition, ritual, and emotional health. What began as a need for survival from childhood relational trauma resulting in a decade of bulimia and acute anxiety, eventually became a passion turned profession. Her personal and professional development has been informed by 25 years of yoga, alternative therapies, the arts, various healing modalities, and interdisciplinary spiritual study from around the world. All of this has greatly influenced her business and offerings today. Aarona is the author + co-creator of 'The Moon Deck', an intuitive oracle deck that has reached tens of thousands globally, as they continue to expand with more creative healing products. She is passionate about normalizing conversations around emotional and spiritual wellbeing and is an advocate for sensitive empaths and intuitives claiming their gifts, dissolving self-doubt, and integrating their unique perspective in a world that desperately needs to feel. Aarona has been featured in Goop, MindBodyGreen, Hello Giggles, Gaia, Elite Daily, Medium, Thrive Global, Well+Good, Traveler UK, 24Life, The Wellnest, Mantra Magazine, Voyage LA, Free People/BLDG 25, Yoga Journal, Times of India, and others over the years.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Ideas on a new generation of women running businesses and holding a lot of structure AND striving to stay in a soft, feminine, embodied place, and how this is a new exploration in our culture.

  • Aarona’s dark night of the soul experience, and how working and healing through it has led to experiencing more trust and listening in life.

  • Navigating conflict in friendships and how Aarona and Alexandra have navigated their own ‘crunchy’ moments in their friendship, and how much of it centers around giving each other permission to be where they are, and approach the situation from an embodied and open-hearted place.

  • How Aarona transformed her own traumatic childhood experiences into a soul curriculum and it led to her leading and helping others to heal.

  • Ideas on how trauma can be an innovator for art, creation, healing, service, and so much more.

  • And more!

Follow along with Aarona on IG @aarona.lea / @the_moondeck

Check out Aarona's offerings HERE and the Moon Deck HERE


RIPE FRUIT by Alexandra Roxo
Holy F*CK
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